Twitter hires specialists to sue Elon Musk as users savage billionaire

"Musk was as committed to running Twitter as he is to being a father".
"Musk was as committed to running Twitter as he is to being a father". Photo credit: Getty Images

Twitter has hired legal firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz ahead of its expected legal battle with Elon Musk, according to Bloomberg.

The billionaire announced he was going to pull out of the US$44 billion deal to buy the social media platform over the weekend, citing Twitter's unwillingness to provide details he felt it was required to, particularly around bot accounts.

According to Bloomberg, the firm specialises in merger litigation and has "connections to the Delaware court system, where the case will be tried".

The same sources said Twitter plans to file its lawsuit against the outspoken Tesla CEO this week.

Following Musk's announcement, the company had said it was "committed to closing the transaction at the price and terms agreed upon", a stance it had held since Musk first raised doubts over the number of bots on the platform in May.

"We are confident we will prevail in the Delaware Court of Chancery," Twitter said.

Legal experts in the United States have already opined that the company has the edge in any future legal battles, with the Delaware courts setting a high-bar for those buying businesses to walk away from the deal.

"Musk is on very weak legal grounds. Twitter appears to have given him access to just about everything to satisfy his desire to know the percentage of bots among its users," John Coffee, a professor of law at Columbia University, told The Guardian.

Meanwhile users of the platform are enjoying a laugh at Musk's expense following his attempt to nullify the contract and the news last week that he had another two children shortly before his second child with music artist Grimes in November 2021.

Writer Erin Ryan wrote that "Musk signals he may - for the first time ever - pull out," a reference to his nine children via four different mothers.

Another user mused that "Musk was as committed to running Twitter as he is to being a father".

Writer and comedian Mike Drucker also took a swing at the billionaire.

"I can't believe Elon Musk failed to deliver on a giant promise. Absolutely stunned by this development that has happened literally every time he's promised something," he tweeted.

"Elon Musk looking at his child support bills, realising he can't afford a social media site anymore," he continued.