Apple set to unveil new iPhone 14 range on September 8 - report

An iPhone next to a Macbook
Insiders are expecting the phones to be released to the public on September 17. Photo credit: Getty Images

Perhaps you've smashed the screen of your iPhone, or the battery now gives up halfway through the day.

Whatever the reason for splashing out, it might be best to hold off buying a replacement iPhone - at least for a few weeks. 

Why, you ask? According to the latest rumours, the tech giants' new iPhone 14 range is expected to be revealed on September 8 (NZ time).

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, a tech journalist with a long history of reporting on Apple, revealed the data, quoting people "with knowledge of the matter".

Some Apple employees have been told to prepare for a major product release on September 17 (NZ time), which would likely be the day the phones are made available to the public for the first time.

However, whether or not they're available in Aotearoa on the rumoured date remains to be seen. Depending on stock availability, the new models may take slightly longer to arrive on our shores.

The new range will include new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models - which will have new A16 processors - while the two other models will retain last year's A15 chip instead.

However, one of those non-Pro models won't be a 'mini', like last year's 5.4-inch smaller model. It's being replaced by a 6.7-inch screen model, the first non-Pro iPhone to get that size of screen.

Previous rumours said the biggest changes will be a camera upgrade for the Pro models, with a new 48MP wide-angle camera alongside a 12MP ultrawide lens and telephoto sensors.

Before the end of the year, Apple is also expected to release updated AirPods Pro 2 earbuds, multiple new Macs and iPads, as well as three new Apple Watch models.

Given the company's history, it's more likely the new watches will be unveiled at the same time as the phones, with the rest coming at a later date.

That's set to include a more 'rugged' design of watch, meant to appeal to the athletes among us.

Its biggest competition in the smartphone market, Samsung, recently announced its new Watch5 Pro, an updated watch designed for the same consumers.

It's also likely the release dates for Apple's updated operating systems will be revealed at the September launch.

The new versions of iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, TvOS and WatchOS are all currently in public beta ahead of a finalised version being released.

As always, an Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the speculation.

Earlier this week, Gurman reported that the company was working on incorporating more adverts into some of its own apps, including Maps, Podcasts and Books.

The move is to try and increase revenue from the advertising platform from US$4 billion to US$10 billion per year under VP Todd Teresi.

The new ads would likely allow a business to purchase a rank at the top of the listings when users search for a keyword related to that business.