Facebook glitch: Endless scrolling of strangers posting on celebrities' profiles confuses the internet

Website tracker DownDetector recorded the outage just before 6pm.
Website tracker DownDetector recorded the outage just before 6pm. Photo credit: Supplied

Facebook users across the world are seeing a major and hilarious technical glitch, with their newsfeeds swamped with people posting on celebrity profiles. 

Website tracker DownDetector saw an outage on the social media platform just before 6pm on Wednesday.

DownDetector has recorded 96 percent of Facebook users reporting problems with their news feeds. The posts shared on celebrity pages are widespread and vary in content.

One person posted to the Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel's page saying: "I sold our tvs for the family."

Another with no caption and a photo attached of a dead chicken stuffed with a fish head and a cigarette in its mouth was shared on comedian Kevin Hart's page. 

Taylor Swift, Nicky Minaj, Harry Styles, Eminem and Joe Rogan are just some of the household names popping up on users' newsfeeds more than usual tonight. 

It's clear users have since picked up on the glitch, posting to pages for the sake of it. 

Users on other platforms like Twitter have been quick to poke fun at the glitch, while others are just simply confused.

And even New Zealand police are taking advantage of the glitch, reminding Kiwis of some key road safety measures.

A Meta spokesperson told Newshub they are aware some people are having trouble with their Facebook feed.

"We're working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience."