MyRepublic reveals $100 per month price tag for unlimited mobile data at fastest speed

Auckland mobile phone signals
However the fastest speed is well below that possible via a 5G connection. Photo credit: Getty Images

MyRepublic has announced more details of its new, unlimited mobile plans with those seeking the maximum speed of 20Mbps having to fork out $100 per month.

The 'choose the speed you need' plans are the first of their kind in Aotearoa, with the Rocket Lite, Rocket and Rocket Max all offering unlimited data with the only choice being the choice of either 5Mbps, 10Mbps or 20Mbps speeds.

That will cost users $60, $75 and $100 per month respectively.

Those differ from the likes of Vodafone and Spark's unlimited data plans, which give a fixed amount of data at full speed before dropping to a maximum of 1.2Mbps.

For $100 on both users can get 100GB of full speed data, which can be many times quicker than MyRepublic's 20Mbps, especially with a 5G compatible phone. 

Depending on where you are in Auckland and how strong the signal is, 5G speeds can  reach many hundreds of Mbps, and will generally be at least 10 times faster than MyRepublic's 20Mbps to speed.

That means users who want the fastest data speeds but use under 100GB per month may see better results on either Spark or Vodafone.

Matt Lindsay, MyRepublic, NZ country manager, said the companies saw serious flaws in the mobile market, with Kiwis stock-piling their data, being needlessly throttled or anxiously waiting for the 28-day turnaround for their plan to come back to life.

"Data is a necessity of everyday life, we shouldn't have to treat it as a 'luxury' and New Zealanders are lacking choice, MyRepublic is changing that," he said.

"We've developed plans that meet the needs of the vast majority of smartphone users in New Zealand today, bringing some much-needed competition and innovation to the market. 

"Our plans are designed to be simple and easy to use. When people understand they'll never have to worry again about how much data they are using, they'll switch," he said.

For a limited time customers signing up to MyRepublic Mobile will be offered a $20 monthly discount on all plans for their first three months, the company said.

MyRepublic is using Vodafone's Smart Network, which covers around 98 percent of Aotearoa's population.

All three MyRepublic mobile plans are month-on-month, have unlimited talk and text for New Zealand and Australia, and are open term with no contracts, the company said.

Using the unlimited data overseas will cost $8 per day in 106 destinations.