New leak suggests Xbox Game Pass subscription will be able to be shared

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate sharing
The 'Game Pass Friends & Family' branding was shared on Twitter. Photo credit: Getty Images

Friends who game together may soon be able to save money on subscription fees if the rumours about a forthcoming Xbox Game Pass update are true.

According to reports, a family plan version of the monthly Ultimate tier began testing in Colombia and Ireland in early August.

Now a Twitter user has revealed branding which suggests the new tier will also allow you to share your subscription with your pals too.

Microsoft leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia shared an image of the branding on Twitter, with 'Game Pass Friends & Family' present.

According to website The Verge, the current preview in Ireland allows Ultimate subscribers to pay €21.99 per month instead of the current €12.99 per month to share the benefits with up to four other people.

New Zealanders currently pay $19.95 for access to the top tier. While there's no indication if or when the plan will roll out in Aotearoa, a similar premium would likely see the sharing plan cost around $34 per month.

That's more expensive than the PlayStation Plus Deluxe tier on a monthly basis, although they aren't directly comparable.

Game Pass Ultimate subscribers also get access to EA Play, which PlayStation gamers in New Zealand have to pay an extra $39.95 per year for.

Microsoft also gives subscribers access to certain games on the day they are released, something PlayStation hasn't committed to doing outside of cat simulator Stray, which launched in July.

In June, Xbox also launched Cloud Gaming in Aotearoa after testing overseas for an extended period.

That allows users to stream games on other devices - like television and iPads - without the need to install games.

Essentially this opens up Xbox and PC gaming to those without access to high-end consoles and computers.