Samsung's new Galaxy Z Flip4 and Fold4 embrace uniqueness, function, and innovation

  • 12/08/2022
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Left: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. Right: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.
Left: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. Right: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. Photo credit: Supplied

Kiwis looking to embrace their uniqueness have never had a better chance to do so after global electronic giant Samsung unveiled its new generation of Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold phones this week.

At its Unpacked event in NYC on Wednesday, which AM attended, the fourth generation devices were unveiled, offering unbeatable style and the latest and greatest innovations.

That ensures those who want something a little different from their mobile phones have access to flagship devices while setting the trend for flair and elegance for the rest of the country.

Simon Smith, head of brand marketing at Samsung New Zealand said the launch of the new phones in Aotearoa, which go on sale on 2 September, was "really exciting".

"Nobody else within New Zealand is doing Fold and Flip like we are," he said.

"They're unique devices and pieces of innovation that we can bring to the market that really compels consumers - but also it gives them a point of difference.

"Instead of going for your usual old mobile phone form factor, you can get something that flips or folds," Smith said.

However, such phones are only compelling if the performance is as good as any other phone, and that's where Samsung's attention to detail and desire to innovate really shines through.

Since launching the first Flip and Fold devices here in April 2020, the Korean technology giant has been the spearheading innovator behind the foldable smartphone - and it's only becoming more popular, with purchases trending up globally.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Fold4.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Fold4. Photo credit: Supplied

Last month's Dr TM Roh, president and head of MX business at Samsung, said there were almost 10 million foldable smartphones shipped worldwide.

"That’s an industry increase of more than 300 percent from 2020, and I predict this fast-paced growth will continue," Roh said.

"We are reaching the moment where these foldable devices are becoming widespread and staking a bigger claim in the overall smartphone market.

"More importantly, Samsung Galaxy foldables have changed the way we use mobile devices and helped enable better lifestyles for users worldwide."

The Flip4 and Fold4 continue that innovation, packing new features alongside major improvements, making them better than ever.

As well as having a larger battery and super-fast charging capability to ensure you'll have all the power you need, both cameras have a Pixel Sensor that is now 65 percent brighter making it better suited for poor light conditions.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. Photo credit: Supplied

That all comes despite a new design, with a slimmer hinge and bezel as well as a new matte finish and new colours.

"It's a stylish, compact phone," Smith said. "Samsung came up with an innovative way of being able to fold glass, essentially. Now you can fold glass and pop it in your pocket instead of possibly having a big chunky device."

The small cover screen, perfect for seeing notifications without having to unfold the whole phone, is also more accessible this time around, ensuring maximum use and flexibility.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. Photo credit: Supplied

An IPX8 waterproof device can be submerged in water up to 1.5 metres for more than 30 minutes and can still work properly, meaning you don't have to worry if you accidentally jump into the lake with your fabulous new phone. 

The Galaxy Z Flip4 starts at $1699 in Aotearoa.

Of course, the Fold4 hasn't been ignored when it comes to making it the best ever foldable device, perfect for work and play.

It's lighter than ever, down from 271g to just 263g from last year's Fold3, and the slimmer hinge and bezels ensure the 6.2-inch outer screen and the 7.6-inch inner screen are more accessible and useful.

"It basically turns your phone into a phablet," Smith said, coining a portmanteau that shows you can expect an almost tablet-level performance from the mobile phone.

"It's such a bigger surface and people end up using the inside screen a lot more than they might think, just because it has a lot more real estate and you can get a lot more done.

"With multi-tasking in multiple windows you can have all the apps you need showing at the same time, enabling real work to be done on the go. It's a fantastic work device," Smith said.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. Photo credit: Supplied

The Fold4 is also compatible with Samsung's iconic stylus, the S Pen, which brings a whole new level of ability to create, write and work. What better way to make notes on your new work phone than by using your own handwriting instead of typing on a keyboard?

It also gets a new set of cameras, enabling users to take spectacular shots at any time of the day or night.

That includes a new 50MP main lens, 3x Optical Zoom and Nightography mode for the first time - all in a brand new device that starts at just $2849.

"We're proud of the innovation that we've brought to the market. I think that's why we want to continue with it. We want to keep expanding on it, making it better and better each year and adding new things to it," Smith said.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. Photo credit: Supplied

"We're investing in foldables because we feel like these demonstrate cutting edge innovation and provide a great point of difference for Samsung."

And with both phones proving popular in Aotearoa, and the market here growing year on year, there's no better time to embrace the flexibility that the Flip4 and Fold4 offer.

As Roh himself said, three years ago the foldables were "radical", now the groundbreaking flexible design simply fits "perfectly into modern lifestyles".

"As a result, what was once a novelty three years ago, is now the preferred choice for millions.

"The impact of our innovation is not only about what technology can do. It's about what you can do. We've once again taken our inspiration from the most important source - Galaxy users - to push the limits of what's possible."

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