Dynamic Island coming to all iPhone 15 models - rumour

The iPhone 14 Pro Max.
Photo credit: Newshub.

The iPhone 14 was released in New Zealand and around the world just days ago, but already rumours about Apple's potential 2023 smartphones are making headlines. 

The much-hyped Dynamic Island - introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max - will be included with all iPhone 15 models, according to respected analyst Ross Young.

However, he also said the 120Hz refresh rate introduced with 2021's Pro models - years after it was first offered in various Android phones - still won't be included in next year's cheaper models, meaning they would stay capped at 60Hz.

Apple revealed the Dynamic Island at its 'Far Out' event in California earlier this month before the feature won acclaim in multiple reviews, including by Newshub. It's a black, pill-shaped area at the top of the display that hides the phone's front-facing cameras, but it isn't static like the notch it replaced on older models. Instead, it morphs size and shape for various functions and notifications.

However, only the Pro models got the upgrade, while the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus instead received the old notch - something apparently set to change in 2023, according to Young.

"Dynamic Island expected on standard models on the 15. Still not expecting 120Hz/LTPO on standard models as the supply chain can’t support it," Young said in a tweet.

In a subsequent tweet, he suggested the higher refresh rate and always-on display would likely be included with the non-Pro models in 2024.

Young is an analyst for Display Supply Chain Consultants and has in the past correctly predicted certain aspects about future Apple products before they were officially announced.

His tweets about the potential iPhone 15 line-up have been reported on by the likes of Endgadget, MacRumors, 9to5 Mac and The Verge.