How to block Prince Harry content online

  • 11/01/2023

Let's be honest, there's been a lot of headlines about Prince Harry lately.

From the Netflix television series about how he and wife Meghan Markle were treated by the British royal family, to revelations in his recently released memoir, to bombshells from sitdown interviews with US and UK programmes, it's been a lot.

For some, reading the latest about Meghan and Kate's fight over bridesmaid dresses is a guilty pleasure, while for others, it's important to keep up with the internal machinations of the family that produces New Zealand's monarch.

But if you've had enough - or just need a break - from Harry's claims of brotherly fighting, killing people in Afghanistan, that the Queen Consort is a "villain", and how an older woman treated him like a "young stallion" before losing his virginity to her, here are some tips to get away from it all.

A Reddit thread shared on Wednesday said the user wanted an application that "suppresses" content about the royal family, akin to an ad blocker.

One respondent shared the Google Chrome browser extension 'Spoiler Protection 2.0', which can be downloaded for free and allows users to input terms that the extension then blocks from appearing on the display.

Enter the term 'Harry', for example, and red blocks come up over any content mentioning it.

The obvious issue with this, however, is that it blocks more than just media about Prince Harry, but also anything about Harry Potter or Harry Kane. So it's best to be more specific and try keywords like 'Prince Harry'.

If you use Reddit, try out Apollo. It's an application that makes it easy to browse Reddit on mobile. 

It also allows you to add filters and block out keywords - such as anything about the royal 'spare'.

Some social media platforms have similar options for users to rid themselves of specific content.

For example, on Twitter, users can 'mute' key terms and they shouldn't pop up on their feed.

On Instagram, users can go to their privacy settings and into 'hidden words' to highlight words, phrases or emojis the user doesn't want to see in suggested posts. 

As one Reddit user put it on Wednesday, there's also the "Don't Look" option of simply not clicking on royal content. 

"Scroll down, click away, do literally anything else except look at the article. No need to thank me."