Little-known iPhone hack lets you turn on torch, activate camera or mute by tapping the back of your mobile

An iPhone feature many Kiwis don't know about could be your saving grace when trying to complete a task in the pitch-black. 

A little-known feature, hidden away among the many settings on the Apple device, is the double and triple tap feature.

The hidden away feature enables users to perform a series of tasks that would otherwise only be able to be done by pressing on the home screen.   

There are 16 actions you can do with the double or triple tap setting, including camera, flashlight, screen rotate lock, mute, screenshot, Siri, volume up and down and control centre. 

To activate this feature, users need to go to their settings, click on accessibility, then touch and scroll down to back tap. Once you click on back tap, it will give you the option for double tap or triple tap where you can choose two of the 16 features. 

Users can select two functions, one performed with a double tap and another with a triple tap.

But before you get too excited, this new potentially life-saving trick is far from simple to use. 

When Newshub staff members tested this feature, turning on the setting was easy, but the double and triple tap feature was temperamental, likely because of interference from the phone’s cover.