Game developers show off best creations at New Zealand's biggest-ever gaming convention in Wellington

When you think of New Zealand's biggest industries, there's agriculture, forestry and tourism, but there's a newcomer knocking on the door - gaming.  

Wellington is hosting Aotearoa's largest-ever gaming convention, where the developers are showing off their latest innovations.  

It's where reality collides with, well, the latest virtual reality.  

"Oh my god it is so exciting," said Joy Keene, executive director of the Game Developers Association.  

Hundreds of developers have gathered in the capital to showcase what they've been working on to the public.  

"The point of it is to get everyone in the industry together to share ideas, make new contacts, we have everyone from game developers through to investors," Keene told Newshub.  

Gaming is one of our fastest-growing tech sectors and is on target to earn more than $1 billion by 2026.  

"It turns over $407 million [and] that was last year. That's bigger than the wool industry," said Keene.  

"The other awesome thing about the game industry is they have very high-paying jobs."  

John O'Reily founded Flightless Game Studio in 2005 and says the industry has come a long way since then.  

"More and more people are getting into it, and I think especially in New Zealand. The quality of the product is really, really good now," he told Newshub.  

The latest figures also show Kiwis aren't playing around when it comes to gaming, with 74 percent of all New Zealanders saying they play video games - and 48 percent of them are women.  

Industry experts say the future of gaming in Aotearoa is bright.  

"I would say that there has never been a better time to get into games. Aotearoa is really renowned for its incredible education programmes in this sector," said Chelsea Rapp, chair of the Game Developers Association.  

New Zealand's gaming industry is levelling up.