Rocket Lab loses satellite after 'issue' minutes into the flight

Rocket Lab is working to determine the cause of the issue.
Rocket Lab is working to determine the cause of the issue. Photo credit: Youtube - Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab was forced to call off its latest mission to orbit on Tuesday following "an issue" just minutes into the flight.    

Rocket Lab said in a statement during the launch of its 41st mission from Launch Complex 1 on Māhia Peninsula things were looking good.    

It said the rocket successfully completed a first stage burn and stage separation as planned, but two minutes and 30 seconds into the flight, "an issue was experienced" and the satellite was lost, forcing Rocket Lab to end the mission.

"We are deeply sorry to our partners Capella Space for the loss of the mission."

In a statement, Rocket Lab said it is "working closely" with the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) and supporting agencies as they all investigate the cause.   

"The Electron rocket has previously delivered 171 satellites to orbit across 37 successful orbital missions. We will identify the issue swiftly and implement corrective actions and return to the pad shortly."   

Rocket Lab said its next mission, scheduled before the end of the third quarter, will be postponed while it implements corrective actions.   

"We anticipate providing revised third quarter revenue guidance in the coming days."