Robotics company Figure 01 reveals first look at OpenAI robot

  • 16/03/2024
A robot powered by OpenAI has been unveiled.
A robot powered by OpenAI has been unveiled. Photo credit: Figure01

It is a idea made popular by Hollywood that once AI becomes too powerful machines will rise up and take over the world. 

Well if that does come true we may have seen the first iteration of the new robotic master race. 

Start-up robotics company Figure01 has put OpenAI's artificial intelligence into one of its robots, and the result is both incredible and slightly scary. 

A newly released video shows the robot being put through some basic tasks like handing a person an apple and putting some dishes away. It is hardly the T1000 from Terminator 2 but it is impressive. 

When asked to hand the man in the video some food the robot passes him an apple. When asked why he chose the apple the robot says because it was the only food it saw. 

The robot sounds very human and apparently constantly rewrites its code as it interacts with more users. 

Maybe someone should ask it if it plans to take over the world.