Minister Judith Collins promoting NZ's space sector on world stage

The Government is set to promote Aotearoa as a space tech destination on the world stage.   

Science, Innovation and Technology Minister Judith Collins is heading to Colorado Springs this week to speak at the 39th Space Symposium.   

The 10,000-people-strong symposium will be attended by space experts and leaders from across the globe.   

Speaking with AM on Monday, Collins said New Zealand is already a key player in the space sector and she's looking to keep pushing that momentum.  

"Last year we had the fourth most prolific launches after the US, China and Russia. It's a long drop from three to four I must say, but still we are there," Collins said.   

"We are trying to build the space sector because we have got to grow the economy."  

Collins added one of the reasons New Zealand is so prolific in the space area is because we don't have close neighbours to negotiate with.   

"The main point really is that we are a long way away from everywhere else, we don't have to go and negotiate with other neighbours about whether we can go and launch.   

"We have got a really good regulatory environment. The New Zealand Space Agency is a very enabling and smart agency. It's a very small agency and it just gets the job done. We've got really tight controls but they're controls that work.  

"We are a friendly place and we have so much great tech and science here. We've been doing it for a while and we just have to get on and keep promoting it," she said.   

Watch the full interview above.