China's full-scale Titanic replica is 1000km from the ocean

The replica of the new Titanic will never leave port.
The replica of the new Titanic will never leave port. Photo credit: Getty

One hundred and six years after the Titanic sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, a replica of the most famous cruise ship ever is nearing completion half a world away in Sichuan, China.

Chinese ship building company Wuchang has spent over $220 million on the rebuild which will include everything you’ve come to know and love from both the original ship and the movie.

Of course there’s the grand staircase which featured heavily in the film as well as exact replicas of first, second and third class cabins.

The Titanic replica will feature the famous staircase.
The Titanic replica will feature the famous staircase. Photo credit: Getty Images

Interestingly, the ship will also feature a replica of the ships powerful engine, which is interesting given this version of the Titanic will never actually set sail.  The only ice will be those served in the drinks at the many bars and restaurants that will open on board the ship.

To modernise the experience, they are adding a ballroom and movie theatre.

The new Titanic will be the main draw card at the Romandisea ‘Seven Star’ resort.

The announcement went slightly macabre with Bernard Hill, the actor who played Captain Edward Smith in the Hollywood hit film took to the stage to join in the celebrations.  

Take her to sea?
Take her to sea? Photo credit: Getty Images

Remember that his character and the real-life captain himself went down with the ship.

Developers initially planned on turning the replica into a ride as well as a resort by simulating a collision with an iceberg.  It was later decided that it was in poor taste and the disaster remake idea was scrapped.

Su Shaojun, CEO of the investment group told media there may be an element of the iceberg collision still re-enacted on site, but it would more likely be that women and children would be allowed to board and disembark first.

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