Air New Zealand scraps flights to Kapiti Coast

Air NZ Q300
Air NZ have been flying to Kapiti since 2011. Photo credit: Jack Prebble.

Regional airlines would struggle on the Auckland to Kapiti route, according to the managing director of Sounds Air.

Air New Zealand has announced it's ending flights to the Kapiti Coast from April 3. The airline has been operating daily flights between Auckland and the coastal airport, which is north of Wellington, since 2011.

Sounds Air, which offers flights to Kapiti from Blenheim and Nelson, says flying into that region from Auckland is not on its agenda.

Most people book low-cost flights into Wellington offered by Air NZ and Jetstar instead of flying into the Kapiti Coast, says Andrew Crawford.

"The issue Air NZ will have had, plus any new operator to the sector will have, is that Air NZ and Jetstar offer below-cost fares between Wellington and Auckland - so passengers rightly go for that option."

Despite the lack of interest, the Kapiti Coast District Council says it will work closely with the airport to attract new services to the region.

Mayor K Gurunathan is disappointed by Air NZ's, decision but says conversations with other airlines are already happening.

Air NZ says anyone who has booked a flight on the route that is after April 3 will be re-accomodated on other services, and it will support any new airline that decides to take up the route.

The airline recently cancelled flights from Christchurch to Kapiti Coast Airport as well.