Airline response poetry to passenger's ear

Airplane ready to depart.
Stanza of dissatisfaction attracts online and airline attention Photo credit: Omar Prestwich.

Low-cost carrier Norwegian Airlines has earned the respect of a once-unsatisfied passenger by posting an unexpected response to his rhyme of rage.

Gus Dolding posted a stanza of dissatisfaction on the airline's Facebook page after an unpleasant on-board experience.  

Why can't you be fair

Norwegian Air

No headphones do you include

Nine hours with no free food." 

The British passenger was frustrated by the airline's 120-euro fee to change the name on a ticket.

I admit it was wrong to put his first name as Bill 

William Edward Gabriel, the seat who's bum will fill

One hundred and twenty euros for what?

For two minutes of typing that's rather a lot

Why can't you be fair

Norwegian Air

Just skip that amendment fee

And just let us change it for free.

What happened next was as much unexpected as it was smart from the team at Norwegian Airlines, who responded to his complaint with a poem of its own.

Dear Gus,

We understand all the fuzz

We try our best to reduce all the fuss

But fear not because

We do not throw anyone under the buss (sic)

Especially not a person like you

Since diamonds in this world are so few.

Dolding's creative complaint not only drew considerable attention online, it also got him the refund he was after.

How did he thank the airline? With a rhyme of course.

Thanks for being fair, Norwegian Air. 

You waived the fee. So glad are we.