Extent of human waste in oceans caught on camera

Plastic waste in water near Bali.
Photo credit: Youtube/Rich Horner

The extent of human waste being fed into our oceans has been captured on camera by a British diver.

Rich Horner posted a video on YouTube showing a deluge of waste in the water off the coast of a resort near Bali.

Horner was diving at Manta Point, 20 kilometres from Bali. It's a spot that's meant to be populated by stingrays and fish, but was instead just inundated with rubbish.

In his post, Horner describes what he's seeing.

"Plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic sheets, plastic buckets, plastic sachets, plastic straws, plastic baskets, plastic bags, more plastic bags, plastic, plastic," he says.

"So much plastic!"

Rubbish is a known issue in Indonesia, with waste often washing up on beaches and rivers.

The level of rubbish peaks during the rainy season, as it washes everything that's on land out to sea. The Indonesians call this the rubbish season.

Indonesia is now second only to China on the list of the worst plastic polluters in the world. The Phillippines, Vietnam and Thailand make up the rest of the worst five countries.

In February, Bali locals took part in a mass clean-up of beaches, forests and rivers of human rubbish in an effort to make the country cleaner and greener.

Horner said the presence of all the rubbish at Manta Point was clearly affecting the sea life, with no stingrays or fish to be seen at the usually popular location for these creatures.