Five things Donald Trump can do in North Korea

Could Trump expand his empire to North Korea?
Could Trump expand his empire to North Korea? Photo credit: Newshub/Getty

The national airline

If Donald Trump is sick of flying in Air Force One, he could fly on North Korea's national airline Air Koryo.

Air Koryo.
The only airline to have a one star rating. Photo credit: Getty.

The airline has frequently been named the worst airline ever, and is the only airline to have a one star rating with airline review site SkyTrax.

It has a fleet of aged Russian jets, so you could say Mr Trump would be quite comfortable with a Russian getting him where he wants to go.

Ryugyong Hotel

This hotel is the tallest structure in all of North Korea at 330 metres - taller than Auckland's Sky Tower. However this building has spent most of its time unfinished.  There are plans for a hotel to be built in the upper levels of the building, so this could possibly be an opportunity for Mr Trump to expand his hotel chain.

Paekdusan, North Korea.
The Queenstown of North Korea? Photo credit: Getty.


This area looks absolutely stunning, and in some parallel universe you could almost mistake it for Queenstown.

Paekdusan is located in the north of the DPRK on the Chinese border. Towering at nearly 3000m high, it's actually an extinct volcano with a large lake filling the old crater. Sound familiar?

Kim Jong-il was born near here too. Official records show that at the time white horses were seen flying across the sky at the time of his birth. Perhaps Mr Trump will want to check those out and get some flying horses of his own.

Arch of Triumph, North Korea.
North Korea's Arch is bigger than the one in Paris. Photo credit: Getty.

Arch of Triumph

There's no surprise this monument is modelled on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, but this one is 10m taller. Mr Trump likes to think that bigger is better, so he's surely going to prefer this monument to that tiny one in Paris.

It was built to celebrate Korea's military resistance to Japan, and is the second-highest 'arch of triumph' in the world.

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, North Korea.
This palace makes the White House look like a pool house. Photo credit: Getty.

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Built in 1976, the palace reportedly houses the preserved remains of Kim Jong-il.  Immediately after his death a 40km funeral procession began and ended at the palace.  Its massive size and aura of power will definitely have Mr Trump ordering extensions to the White House when he returns.