Forget getting Star Wars on Blu-Ray, go to the Star Wars hotel

Now the latest instalment of Star Wars is out for home release, you may be craving a journey to the dark side.

If that's the case, Disney has just the beds you are looking for.

At a resort far, far away, they're building what may become the biggest Star Wars experience this side of Tatooine.

A "fully-immersive" Star Wars experience hotel is opening in Hollywood and Florida in 2019.

That's quite soon, so there's no need to use hyperspace to get there. Just use this time to plan.

This is not your normal hotel stay. Imagine Storm Trooper's as bell boys or a droid at the check-in desk.

Your stay, or "journey", will begin as you arrive and you'll take up the role of a character in a storyline that will unfold across your two day stay.

While roaming the hotel, famous scenes from the movie will be acted out around you.

If you're after a room with a view, you're in luck. All of the hotels windows have an unobstructed view of the galaxy.

The Hotel and accompanying Star Wars Land will feature a full-sized fleet of X-wing star fighters and a life-size Millennium Falcon.

One of the experiences involves putting guests in the middle of a battle inside a star destroyer in the middle of a battle with storm troopers and rebels.

The land will be full of creatures and characters from the film including Chewie and BB8.

Although there are no prices available yet, it's likely you'll need more than the force to pay for this experience.