The New York Times' gushing review of Auckland

  • 09/03/2018
Auckland skyline
Auckland skyline Photo credit: Getty

Auckland has just received a shower of praise from one of the world's most influential media outlets, The New York Times.

"Auckland's personality, like New Zealand's, is laid-back and outdoorsy, but its sophistication shines," writer for the Times, Elaine Glusac, says.

The article, titled 36 Hours in Auckland, takes readers of the US outlet through an itinerary of activities in the Kiwi city, including sailing, shopping and eating.

"The construction cranes that pierce the Auckland skyline are a visual indication of the growth New Zealand's largest city is experiencing," Glusac writes.

She notes the city's unique geography mentioning the 50 volcanoes, at least, over which the Auckland is built.

She says the city can "hardly be considered frenzied" - something locals might dispute - but nodded to Waiheke Island as an "extra dose of tranquillity".

The notorious K Rd wasn't unmissed, described as "counter cultural".

"Near the city's oldest cemetery, a string of music shops, cheap clothing dealers and craft stores mingle with bars and restaurants over several blocks."

But it seems even an outsider looking in couldn't escape the "traffic curse" looming over the city.