Kiwis taking over London with top class dining

Hop burns and Black.
Kiwis are showing the Brits how its done. Photo credit: Giammarco Boscaro

London is chocka full of great Kiwi hospitality. Newshub's 'Euro Bureau' (reporter Tova O'Brien and camera operator Simon Morrow) have done the hard yards eating and drinking their way round the UK's capital to share with you some of the best.

The Providores in London
The Providores tapas room. Photo credit: Newshub.

The Providores and Tapa Room
Restaurant and cafe in Marylebone

Tova says: "I love it here!! The food is outstanding, wine list perfect and the service is the very best of Kiwi hospitality. The Tapa Room downstairs is 'The Providores' casual cousin - both restaurants are super classy and without a shred of pretension. A trip either upstairs or down isn't complete without the treacle cured bacon ice-cream!"

Simon says: "A huge selection of New Zealand wines and delicious tapas plates in the Tapa Room seriously good haloumi and grilled chorizo. I'll be back!"

They say: 'To me The Providores means excellent coffee; Only New Zealand wine; and delicious Peter Gordon food. New Zealand is a very respected part of the global community and our integral connection with the country - its wine, coffee, the originality and diversity of its cuisine, together with the personality of its people, have played a massive part in that success." 
- Michael McGrath, Co-owner

The 'Euro Bureau' at The New Zealand Cellar.
The 'Euro Bureau' at The New Zealand Cellar Photo credit: Newshub.

The New Zealand Cellar 
Kiwi wine store in Brixton

Tova says: "Some Kiwis in London miss pineapple lumps, others onion soup dip but if its great NZ wine you're after - and not just the limited Tesco selection - you need to visit the NZ Wine Cellar."

Simon says: "Wine!! Loads of it. From all over New Zealand. The small store in Pop Brixton (also a great place to visit) has an online store too."

They say: "We've been overwhelmed by the support and response since we launched The New Zealand Cellar just over 3 years ago. Introducing the UK to the breadth and diversity of NZ has been a truly heartwarming experience and we are driven by the incredible reputation NZ has created on a global stage."
- Melanie Brown, Owner

Hop Burns and Black in London.
Hop Burns and Black in London. Photo credit: Brad Evans.

Hop Burns & Black
Beer, hot sauce and vinyl in East Dulwich

Simon says: "Craft beer, hot sauce and vinyl! Cute store in Dulwich with a nice range of local and international craft beers, the sauce selection ranges from BBQ sauce to seriously seriously hot!! Definitely worth a trip."

Tova says: "Simon introduced me to this place - I wish I'd known about it sooner! Owners Jen and Glenn are fantastic people who had a fantastic idea and made it happen. It's Kiwi-ish in that they stock Kiwi products (though sadly not as many NZ beers as they used to - thanks Brexit) but it's also very 'London', supporting local London brewers and with a constant stream of neighbourhood regulars - each and every one greeted by name."

They say: "I suspect our recipe for success has a lot to do with the fact that we clearly love our work - hey, we're surrounded by great booze, hot sauce and records, what's not to love? It's a really warm, welcoming environment in the shop, helped no end by an awesome bunch of customers.
- Jen Ferguson, Hop Burns & Black co-owner 

Coffee from OZone Cafe in London.
A good ol' Kiwi flat white in London. Photo credit: Newshub.

Cafe and coffee roaster in Old Street, East London. 

Tova says: "Brits do a mean fry-up with black pudd and the rest but haven't really clocked 'brunch.' Ozone however, with its Kiwi roots, has the perfect brunch menu - all the smashed avocado and posh bubble n squeak or mince on toast you could want. Plus bangin' coffee - the only place in London that makes a proper long black."

Simon says: "A cool, relaxing vibe even though it was packed. Without a doubt the best eggs benny in London washed down with a decent Kiwi flat white."

They say: "We work hard to remain true to our kiwi roots and endeavour to create an environment where everyone is welcome to enjoy the space and use it as their living room, office, studio, gym, party venue and sometimes even as their local restaurant!"
- Lizzie and James Gurr, Ozone Owners

Caravan Cafe in London.
Caravan Cafe in London Photo credit: Newshub.

Cafe/restaurant/bar in Kings Cross - with other joints all over.

Simon says: "If you want really good scrambled eggs this is the place to go! The all day menu has some incredible pizza and the bar has London beers on tap, one of my favourite places in London."

Tova says: "Heavingly popular for all the right reasons - a great place to bring friends visiting from NZ. Many a Euro Bureau work lunch has taken place here. It's massive but always busy so there can be a wait - I usually avoid on Sunday brunch times - that said they have walk in tables and seats at and around the bar while you wait."

They say: "Our all day dining restaurants take diners on a culinary journey that weaves its way around the world, showcasing flavours and sunny inspiration from our home country, New Zealand and our extensive travels."
- Laura Harper-Hinton, Caravan Co-Founder

Tova O'Brien is Newshub's Europe Correspondent and will soon return to New Zealand to take up the role of Political Editor.  Simon Morrow will stay on in London and continue to frequent these venues.