Man survives close encounter with cheetah due to quick thinking

What would you do if a potentially deadly wild cat jumped into the back seat of your car?

American tourist Britton Hayes found himself answering that question while on safari in Africa's Serengeti.

He stayed completely silent and avoided eye contact at all costs, something which his guide believes may have save the man from a nasty bite.

"To handle the wildlife animal is not to run, it is to handle with respect so switching off the car and calm salience and avoiding eye contact… that was the best treatment," guide Alex Mnyangabe told ITV News

Mr Hayes' attention had been focussed on a cheetah that had hopped on the bonnet of his car and missed the one that came into the back seat.

He waited ten minutes before it eventually left, Mr Mnyangabe saying judging by the look of the cats they had both eaten recently and were more curious than hungry.