My first time in Hong Kong and it won't be my last

In early December, I got to experience Cathay Pacific's new direct Christchurch-to-Hong Kong flight.

It's yet another example of the growth happening in the Asia-to-New Zealand market.

Part one in a series of blogs about my time there is about the amazing Mong Kok markets.

Usually I'm a city kid who loves nothing more than a good stroll down a high street while on holiday. 

But in Hong Kong, I experienced shopping of an entirely different kind, and loved it.

Hitting the markets in Hong Kong is a must-do.

You'll find most of them in an area in the West of Kowloon called Mong Kok.

Mong Kok is on Kowloon Island.
Mong Kok is on Kowloon Island. Photo credit: Newshub.

In Mong Kok's markets you'll find goldfish, handbags, electrical goods, along with - as you can see below - some not so authentic toys.

Star Wart game
The Force was not strong with this one. Photo credit: Supplied.

You'll also be asked if you're interested in "genuine clone Rolex watches." You'll be offered them every two minutes in this part of town. Just ignore it.

When you're quoted a price, pull an unsatisfied face and within seconds your souvenir purchase will suddenly become a lot cheaper.

If you're vegetarian, maybe skip some parts of Mong Kok as there's some food being prepared on the street that may put you off.

But if it's phone covers, Bluetooth speakers, Disney characters or those goldfish you're after, you've found your heaven  

Part two will look at the top things you need to do when visiting Hong Kong.

In the meantime, enjoy Mong Kok.