The O-bar-ma crawl: Top NZ bars Barack Obama should visit while he's here

Obama will be visiting New Zealand soon.
Obama will be visiting New Zealand soon. Photo credit: Reuters

Barack Obama is visiting the country in March and in between his undoubtedly high-profile meetings, will have a few days to spare.

If he wants to see real Kiwi culture while he's here, a good old night out at the bar should be at the top of his list.

So we asked our team what bars he should visit while he's here, and got some interesting answers... to say the least.

Here's Newshub's top picks for the unofficial O-bar-ma crawl.

Family Bar, Auckland

After eight gruelling years in office, Obama may just feel like escaping constant the scrutiny. That's where Auckland's famous gay bar, Family Bar, comes in.

"The best thing about Family Bar is that you don't have to worry about being judged for how you dance, how you look and who you are," RadioLIVE reporter John-Michael tells us.

In fact, most of our team can vouch that some of the best nights are found here, on Karangahape Rd.

"But Obama needs to make sure he picks a night when they're playing the old school bangers from Britney, Lady Gaga or Anastasia," John-Michael adds.

"Don't want none of those straight-club-music vibes."

The O-bar-ma crawl: Top NZ bars Barack Obama should visit while he's here
Photo credit: Facebook/ The White House

The White House, Auckland

Move over Trump, Obama is back in The White House - Queen St's White House that is.

"Imagine his surprise when we break the news to him that it's more than just a bar," news editor Rebecca says.

We'll just leave this one right here.

The Outback, Hamilton

"It's a Hamilton classic," head of social Taylor Sincock tells us. "It's almost iconic."

He then gave a cryptic two words: "Back draft".

"There's no other drink like it," Taylor explains, before going on to tell us it's a type of shot, set on fire, with a glass cup over it to trap any fumes, then sucked up through a straw.

Dakota, Wellington

Wellington digital producer Emma told us the most "trashy Welly bar" is definitely Dakota - which gives out cowboy hats and has a mechanical bull.

While we're not sure if that's his scene, we'd sure love to see him give it a crack.

The Cardrona Hotel
The Cardrona Hotel Photo credit: Wikimedia

The Cardrona Hotel, Cardrona

Finally - features editor Maggie is here with a realistic suggestion!

"Over the mountains, through gorges and streams and through the Crown Range, you will reach the Cardrona Hotel," she says.

"It's rugged, charming, and spectacularly set within a central Otago mountain range. It does a good ploughman's platter too.

"Established in 1863, the Cardrona is said to be one New Zealand's oldest pubs, and our most photographed building, so Mr President may wish to use the side entrance."

The Foundry, Christchurch

The Foundry bar, "aka 'The Fundry'" is Christchurch digital producer Megan's bar of choice.

"Even though it is infamous for being very strict on not letting you in, it's also infamous for when the floor caved in at a Savage concert in 2012."

Obama could even grab a kebab outside for a cheeky midnight snack.

The Trident Tavern
The Trident Tavern Photo credit: Facebook/The Trident Tavern

Trident Tavern, Auckland

"It'd be a great snapshot of working class New Zealand," video editor Max tells us.

"Full of tradies. All my mates go there."

LIME, Auckland

"Barack will be exhausted from trying to keep up with the young 'uns at these other fine establishments," senior producer Grant reckons.

"He'll need to catch his breath and relax with folks his own age.

"LIME offers an intimate setting, where you have no choice but to make 100 new friends just trying to get to the toilet.

"The 70s/80s playlist caters for an 'old man rock' audience, so he can sing at the top of his voice to classics like The Love Boat theme and no-one will even notice."

Boogie Nights, Dunedin

Entertainment producer Sarah couldn't contain her excitement at the thought of Obama gracing the "initiation into Dunnaz nightlife".

"Honestly if Obama goes for a night out in Dunedin and doesn't hit the sweaty mecca that is Boogie nights, it's an absolute crime."

"A lack of oxygen, a light up dance floor, 'Wagon Wheel' played every nine minutes (approx) - its honestly the best time."

What better way to finish off a New Zealand bender?