This Week in Travel: Red-Eye flights and Jedi nights

Welcome to Travel Week, the latest travel news all in one quick bulletin.

First off, Air New Zealand has confirmed rumours of a new non-stop service to Chicago. 

The airline will use a newly configured Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with extra capacity for those traveling in business or premium economy.

The flight will take 15 hours up to Chicago, and 16 hours coming back. Tickets are on sale now and start at just under $1000.

Speaking of long flights, Qantas has just begun flying one of the world's longest. 

The 17 hour non-stop flight from Perth to London is a milestone for the airline. 

Putting it in perspective, when Qantas first started flying between Australia and London, the trip took four days and seven stops. And they could only take 29 people at a time. 

That number has gone up to 236.

Qantas wants to go that one step further and is looking into ways they could get an aircraft flying 20 hours from Sydney to London. The airplane technology is almost ready, but what about us humans? How do we cope with a flight that long?

The airline is looking at turning some of the cargo hold into a sleeping area, and introducing a gym on board.  I'll pay $5 to anyone who can stay on a treadmill during turbulence.

Happy Travels.