Airline wants to send you to Iceland and pay you to travel

Tourist in Iceland.
Could this be the perfect job? Photo credit: Getty Images.

Icelandic airline WOW Air has a job going, and it's not your normal airline job. 

This one involves moving to Iceland and travelling the world, all while collecting a wage.

WOW call themselves the 'happy low-fare airline,' since its launch in 2011 its expanded into 36 destinations across Europe.

Judging by the company's profile it's easy to see that this would indeed be a happy place to work, even if the job didn't involve travel.

Just look at the registration letters of their aircraft. They have MOM, DAD, GMA, GPA, GAY, LUV, BRO, SIS and of course WOW.

The job is a three month position. You and a friend will move to Iceland and travel across WOW's network around Europe.

The actual 'job' part of it is you have to document your travel and turn it into a video travel guide for the airline.

Applications have just opened on the WOW website and are open until mid-May.

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