Aussie Instagrammer hits out at abusers after revealing 'secret' waterfall locations

  • 09/04/2018
Madeline Zotter has hit back at people who have sent her nasty messages.
Madeline Zotter has hit back at people who have sent her nasty messages. Photo credit: Instagram/Waterfall Wandering

An Australian Instagrammer has made an emotional plea for people to stop abusing her online, after she controversially revealed the locations of the 'hidden' places she visited. 

Madeline Zotter, 22, runs an Instagram account called Waterfall Wandering, and hit out at the nasty messages she'd received after posting the supposedly secret whereabouts of waterfalls she'd been to.

"EMOTIONAL RANT INCOMING, I'm just going to kindly ask if everyone with an unkind, negative, or straight up nasty thought to please stop," the post read. 

"This weekend alone I received four abusive, unkind or negative messages because I wrote the location of a place.

"I am human, your words hurt and I spent a good part of my Easter (and this morning crying)."

Ms Zotter is known for posting pictures of herself at remote locations, mainly waterfalls, across the country.

However she says many of the 'secret' waterfalls people complained she'd posted about are widely known, and their locations can easily be looked up.

"I understand that people don't want an area becoming trashed, however to find any of these spots you just need to log onto a NSW NP (national park) website and look up the area (so they're not really that secret)".

Her post has been met by support from fans. 

"Always look on the bright side of life...and ignore the people who don't!" one person commented.

"This a wonderful insta page, keep up the great work!" said another.