Crew member who dragged man off plane sues United Airlines

Remember the incident on a United Airlines flight where 69-year-old Vietnamese-American David Dao was dragged off the plane after refusing to vacate his seat so an employee could fly instead of him?

Graphic footage of the incident went viral and led news bulletins around the world.

The video sparked demonstrations across the US, with protesters including Reverend Jesse Jackson claiming the incident was race-based.

David Dao being dragged from United Flight
David Dao being dragged from United Flight Photo credit: Supplied.

David Dao since settled with the airline and received and undisclosed payment and an apology.

Now, the former flight attendant responsible for removing Dao from the aircraft is also suing United Airlines.

James Long filed papers at his local court claiming he should have been made aware that calling for security would have resulted in "the use of physical force".

His lawyer said had he received adequate training, Mr Long wouldn't have ended up in the situation he did or lost his job as a result.

Mr Long is seeking damages for the loss of his job and payment of his retirement savings.

United Airlines has said it is unaware of the legal action and refused to comment.