Luxury space hotel to orbit the Earth

Space Station Hotel.
There's not much space when you're in space. Photo credit: Supplied.

If you're someone who likes space when you sleep, this may be the hotel for you.

A Houston-based company has announced plans to launch the first luxury hotel in space.

Although you'll be in space, you won't have much of it. The room will be around the size of the cabin of a small private jet.

At just over NZ$1 million, the 12-day stay will burn a hole in your pocket as well as the atmosphere.

Known as the 'Aurora Station', the space hotel is set for launch in 2021.

You can currently put down a fully refundable NZ$100,000 deposit - less than the deposit on a typical Auckland home.

The packing and check-in process for this hotel will be quite different to most places. You'll have to undergo a three-month astronaut training programme and achieve certification before you are given the green light to travel.

Guests staying on board Aurora will get to experience zero gravity while gazing at the Earth's northern and southern aurora. 

Yes, there is Wi-Fi, allowing guests to stay in touch via live video with their friends and family back home.

The Aurora will orbit at a height of 320km, allowing for guests to see cities and towns below them. 

Aurora will complete a full orbit of the planet every 90 minutes. Guests will witness 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours.