New travel app KAYAK launches in NZ

KAYAK may be new to New Zealanders, but the team behind the app and website have just visited Auckland to give the growing product a proper launch.

KAYAK vice president of Asia-Pacific Amy Wei told Newshub Travel that New Zealand was an obvious choice when it came to expanding the app's global reach.

"Not only are New Zealanders travelling more, they are also going to more diverse destinations. We are delighted to see that New Zealanders are taking their digital habits with them on holiday. Kiwis are digitally savvy, so this creates a perfect environment for KAYAK to be here."

It has similar features to other popular search websites, such as searching for hotels and rental cars. The difference with KAYAK is you don't pay it a cent - it doesn't even charge you for the booking. It showcases the best prices across all of the options, then you choose who you want to book with.

Its 'Price Forecast' tool is one that caught my eye. Using its many years of travel data, KAYAK says it can predict whether the cost of an airfare will go up or down within the next seven days. 

If you're at the stage of just knowing you want a holiday, but don't know where, then 'Explore' could be something worth trying. Just put in your budget and it will come back with some options.

Statistics released in conjunction with the launch show London as Kiwis' most popular destination, followed by Delhi, Sydney, Los Angeles and Melbourne. Delhi rose a staggering 115 percent year-on-year in 2018.

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