Peckish passengers: What happens if you want a second meal?

Airplane food.
When one just isn't enough. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Are you allowed a second meal if you're still hungry after your first onboard repast? Well, we've got the answer.

Our undercover cabin crew member Heath Rowe told us that depending on supply, you can have a second meal if you feel the need.

"Although we sometimes do run out of a particular meal choice, we almost always have some meals spare at the end of the service," he said.

"Just ask us nicely - or bring chocolate."

This of course only applies if you are on a full service airline, or have booked a fare that includes a meal service.

Just ask the crew member nicely, and they'll let you know what meals they have left. 

Flights are usually stocked with just enough food to cater for the length of the flight to minimise waste and cost, but sometimes with passenger number fluctuations, extras can be found.

As with any request to cabin crew though, make sure it's made with a smile and probably some chocolate.