Teen hijacks Carnival Cruise, kind of

A very happy Darian Lipscomb.
A very happy Darian Lipscomb. Photo credit: CBS/Carnival

When Darian Lipscomb joined Snapchat at the age of eight, he never could have imagined the fallout years later due to his choice of user name.

When he signed up to the social media app, Darian was about to head on a Carnival Cruise with his family, so made the account to share the adventure with his friends and family. So what did he use as his Snapchat name? CarnivalCruise, of course.

Nine years on and Darian is 15 and still using Snapchat with the same name. 

Enter Carnival Cruise, the company which this year decided to open a Snapchat account. To its horror, the user name CarnivalCruise was taken.

At this point some companies would call in the bigwig lawyers and have the account closed down.

Instead, Carnival Cruise headed to the hometown of Lipscomb with an offer any cruise ship fan would find difficult to refuse. 

"Give us your Snapchat name, and we will take you on a $10,000 cruise."

With a massive smile on his face, Darian accepted the offer and handed over the Snapchat name to the cruise company.

There's been no word yet on what his new Snapchat name will be. 

Cruiseliners, secure your handles.