Tigers, ducks and birds in this week's Travel Week

Welcome to Travel Week - where you get all the latest travel news in less time than it takes you to decide chicken or beef.

This week, Air New Zealand and Virgin announced the end of their seven-year alliance. In that time, both airlines have been able to sell seats on each other's planes across the Tasman.

This deal will end later this year. Air New Zealand says it will be putting larger aircraft on trans-Tasman routes, so the extra capacity means they won't need any help from Virgin.

This could, however, open the door to Virgin's low-cost airline Tiger. Its' so low-cost that it shows off about it - so keep your eye on the Tiger.

April Fool's day occurred this week and a handful of airlines got involved.

Hong Kong Airlines claimed it was going to bring market-fresh foods cooked to your seat, and Emirates did what they do best by claiming to be the world's first airline with an airplane entirely made of glass.

Also, I tip my hat to whoever created the image that was sent to us via Facebook, announcing Air New Zealand had purchased a new aircraft and called it John Key. Not only that, but his face had been put on the tail.

John Key on Air New Zealand
An image sent to Newshub via Facebook. Photo credit: Supplied.

But the five-star effort came from Virgin Australia, which announced it was launching Spin Class for passengers - so you could turn airtime into gym time.

Finally, we want to bring your attention to a campaign to return some of our most historic aircraft back to New Zealand.

They currently sit in scrapyards around the world, in places like Brazil and California, but a group called 'Bring Our Birds Home' is fundraising for their return. Every bit helps - head here to donate.

Until next week, happy travels.