Travel brands do their best to fool us this April

Roast Duck on Hong Kong Airlines.
Tea? Coffee? Roast Duck? Photo credit: Supplied.

In case you missed it, April Fools' Day occurred over the weekend.

Not only is it a time when you try and get one over on your friends and family, it's also when major brands try and gain media attention by making fake announcements.

Here are some of the best this year.

Hong Kong Airlines

Candy on Hong Kong Airlines.
Extra treats on Hong Kong Airlines Photo credit: Supplied.

Hong Kong Airlines announced on social media that they would be serving market style barbeque pork and roast duck. Despite it clearly being labelled a prank, comments online ranged from people wanting it to happen, to people abusing the airline for doing such a thing.

Spin Class

Bored of economy but can't afford business? Virgin Australia released an ad for a new product aimed at gym-goers called 'spin class.'  Richard Branson even joined in, saying he couldn't wait to take a spin in the sky.

Sky Lounge

Emirates April Fools Day Sky Lounge.
Emirates went all out for April Fools Day. Photo credit: Supplied.

This prank from Emirates was as big and elaborate as you'd expect from the massive Middle-Eastern airline.  They announced a new 'SkyLounge' - part of a plane where the entire cabin is windows.

John is the Key

John Key A380 Air New Zealand.
One aviation fan on Facebook came up with this April Fools Day prank. Photo credit: Supplied.

It's unknown where this image originated, but it gained massive attention on Facebook over the weekend.  The post claimed Air New Zealand had purchased an A380 which would be named John Key, and not only that, he would feature on the tail.