Travel Week: A week's worth of travel news

Welcome to Travel Week - all the travel news you need in less time than it takes to run to your boarding gate.

This week Newshub Travel was on board Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas, the world's largest cruise ship, as it took to the water in the Mediterranean Sea.

Weighing 228,000 tonnes and measuring 362m in length, the $1.8 billion ship is the newest and largest in the competitive cruising market.

At capacity, the Symphony of the Seas can take over 6600 passengers and 2200 crew.

You don't have to be Jack or Rose to check this ship out - just check out this video

Bunk beds in the sky.

Last week it was just an idea, this week they are a physical reality. Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace have teamed up to manufacture bunk beds that fit into the cargo hold of an aircraft.

They're also working on a children's play area and a bar, all of which can be loaded and unloaded into an aircraft as easy and as fast as cargo.

Taking Action.

A warning from insurance companies for those traveling to Europe any time soon, you may not be covered if your travel is affected by the extensive industrial action that's taking place across the continent.

French rail company SNCF has commenced large scale industrial action as well as Air France and Lufthansa in Germany. 

Finally this week, is it okay to ask for a second meal when you're flying?

The answer and some secrets about how to succeed are uncovered here.