Wiener dog museum just opened in Germany

Irresistible puppy.
Irresistible puppy. Photo credit: Getty Images.

The German city of Passau is known for its love of pretzels, beer and sausages.

And it's the so called 'sausage dog' that the city is embracing for a new museum.

The Dackelmuseum (or "Dachshund Museum") has over 4,500 toys, ornaments and other items to showcase the popular breed.

The city's love for the dog started to skyrocket in 1970 when a dachshund called Waldi was the mascot of the Munich Olympics that year.

Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein are both said to have been massive fans of this breed of dog.

The museum's owners Josef Küblbeck and Oliver Storz,have been collecting memorabilia of the Dachshound variety for over twenty years. 

If you're more of a fan of the living and breathing sausage dog, then two of the owners dogs will be slinking their way around the halls, but even more exciting than that, visitors can bring their own.

So why a museum just for sausage dogs? You could argue its because they originated in 17th century Germany to help with badger hunting, but when the owners of the museum were asked why the world needed a sausage dog museum, they answered simply,

"Why not"

I'll raise my paw to that one.