Yet another drone scare in Auckland

There's been yet another close call between a drone and an aircraft in the skies above Auckland.

Just before 11am on Monday, a Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) helicopter approaching Whenuapai Air Force base reported seeing a drone just 60m from it at a height of 914 metres.

The drone was above Brown's Bay, a suburb on Auckland's North Shore.

Operations at Whenuapai were suspended for 30 minutes, which is standard procedure when a drone breaches no-fly zones near airports.

The Whenuapai air traffic control area is the busiest spot in the country for drone use.

Approximately 60 flights are logged to fly within the area each week via the website.

The latest drone incident follows two others near Auckland Airport, one of which forced the delay of 20 aircraft and one last week that was flying in the approach path to Auckland Airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority said last week it was "hopping mad" with the frequency of the drone incidents. It called Monday's incident "very annoying" and said helicopters were more at risk.

"Overseas research has suggested that a small drone is not going to bring an airliner down, but they are more danger to small aircraft and helicopters."

The CAA has a number and an email address for people to contact it if they have concerns about drones being flown illegally or unsafely, particularly around airports.

They can call 0508 472 338 or email

Normal operations at Whenuapai Air Force have now resumed.