A Mai Tai in Hawaii: The best way to end the day

If it's Honolulu and it's sunset, it's cocktail hour.

At The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, one of the original resorts on Waikiki, the Mai Tai reigns supreme - its throne room the beachside Mai Tai Bar.

Every self-respecting luxury hotel needs a signature cocktail - and in 1953 the hotel asked Mai Tai creator, Vic Bergeron to come up with one.

Legend has it that 'Trader Vic' had created the cocktail nine years earlier for some friends visiting from Tahiti - such was their delight that they described it as "maita'i"  Tahitian for "good".

It's a potent mix of rum, orange liqueur, orgeat (a fancy name for almond syrup), and freshly squeezed lime juice, shaken and poured over ice.

The Royal Hawaiian version contains pineapple juice - this is Hawaii after all - and comes garnished with a piece of fresh pineapple and the obligatory parasol.

If you're a Mai Tai newbie, two words sum up this concoction: rocket fuel.

Two of these and you're either ready for bed, or ready to party through until sunrise.