Air NZ to serve up cocktails and cake to celebrate wedding

Air NZ to serve up special cocktails. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Air NZ will be treating some of its passengers to cocktails and cake to celebrate the royal wedding.

Passengers with access to Air NZ lounges at Auckland International, Sydney, Los Angeles, Wellington Domestic and Christchurch Domestic terminals will be served Kir Royale cocktails and be welcomed in via a special red carpet entrance.

And any passengers who hold a marriage certificate showing they too were married on May 19 will be given free access to any of the airlines lounges.

Figures from Statistics NZ suggest the chances of someone flying tomorrow on their wedding anniversary are slim. An average of 32 couples have married on May 19 in the last 15 years.

Passengers using the lounges will also be able to sample an elderflower wedding cake made by kitchen staff in each of the lounges as part of an inter-lounge challenge. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have chosen a lemon and elderflower cake from east London's Violet Bakery for their wedding.