Aircraft seriously damaged after ground collision

  • 14/05/2018
Tail of aircraft destroyed after airport collision.
The aircraft will be out of action for some time. Photo credit:

Video has emerged of a dramatic collision between two airliners at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.

An Asiana Airlines A330 was taxiing to its gate when its wing struck a Turkish Airlines A321 completely severing off its tail.

A full investigation is underway.

Part of that investigation is likely to look into why the Turkish Airlines A331 appears to have stopped around 30 metres short of its intended parking point, meaning the rear of the aircraft would have been sticking out over the taxi way that was being used by the Asiana Airlines pilots.

The A330 was due to depart for Seoul in Korea, however that flight was as you would expect, cancelled due to the lack of a tail on the aircraft.