Airline group accuses Auckland Airport of excessive profits

Air New Zealand plane at Auckland Airport
AA4ANZ represents companies within Australasia's aviation sector. Photo credit: Getty Images.

A group set up to represent airlines and airport service operators have called Auckland International Airport's profits excessive and say they come at a cost to the rest of the industry.

A4ANZ released a statement this morning on behalf of its members - which include Air New Zealand, Qantas and Virgin Australia - saying the airport's profit margins are significantly higher than those of other airports around the world - in some cases more than double.

Airlines for Australia and New Zealand say the airport's excess returns have soared as high as $3.6 billion over the last two decades.   

"The Airports Association's claim that the airport's profit is 'fair and reasonable' sits in stark contrast to the facts," said A4ANZ's CEO, Dr Alison Roberts.

"Auckland Airport has the second highest margin of all analysed international airports - second only to Sydney Airport, which is also under a light-handed monitoring regime."

The group is calling for more regulatory control over the airport and its profit margins, to achieve better outcomes for passengers and other companies in the aviation sector.

"New Zealand needs a regulatory framework that drives airport-airline negotiations to produce better outcomes for consumers, through improved efficiency in the allocation of resources and targeted investment," A4ANZ Chairman, Professor Graeme Samuel said. 

Auckland International Airport has been approached for comment.