Amazing storm photos captured from NY tour chopper

Lightning hits World Trade Centre.
Lightning hits World Trade Centre. Photo credit: Jennifer Khordi/Caters News

Thunderstorms often bring disrupt air travel, but a New York-based photographer is counting herself lucky after capturing stunning photos of lightning over Manhattan from a sight-seeing helicopter.

The storm hit New York overnight and some areas have been put under a state of emergency.

Baseball-sized hailstones fell in a town located 150km north of Manhattan and trucks were flipped on major highways, while trees came down and cut off electricity to large residential areas across the state.

Despite the damage, the storm was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for photographer Jennifer Khordi.

Lightning in New York.
New York was hit by a massive storm. Photo credit: Jennifer Khordi/Caters News

She has spent the last few years mastering taking photos of the New York skyline against the backdrop of the moon, gaining her thousands of followers on Instagram and a full-time job as a photographer.

Helicopter tours are a popular activity for many of the 60 million people who visit New York every year.

According to New York City Economic Development Corporation, there's over 150 tourist helicopter flights leaving the Downtown Manhattan Heliport every day.

New York Skyline.
The amazing light after the storm cleared. Photo credit: Jennifer Khordi/Caters News

The flights usually head north up the Hudson River, passing over the Statue of Liberty and World Trade Centre before continuing as far as Harlem.

Prices for a New York helicopter tour begin at around NZ$250, but can cost thousands for those wanting a personalised VIP service.