Another window breaks on Southwest flight

Another broken window on Southwest Airlines aircraft.
Another broken window on Southwest Airlines aircraft. Photo credit: Eliott Wolbrom/Twitter.

Passengers on board a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to New Jersey have reported hearing a loud popping sound as a window cracked not long after take-off.

The incident comes just weeks after a woman was killed on another Southwest flight when a window smashed open and she was partially sucked out of the plane.

That fatality was caused after part of the engine broke off and smashed into the window, however this recent incident didn't involve an engine failure.

A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines said there were no other mechanical issues to blame for the incident.

Photos emerged on Twitter within minutes of the aircraft making an emergency landing. 

The airline told media last week there had been a drop in ticket sales since the fatal accident. Its expected the cost to the airline could reach as much as $200 million.