Cruise ship becomes destination in its own right

The Mediterranean Sky ship.
The Mediterranean Sky as it sits today. Photo credit: Caters.

Her last voyage may have been over 20 years ago, but the ship known as Mediterranean Sky continues to bring visitors to a small town near Athens, Greece.

The owners of the ship sailed into financial trouble in 1997, and it was repossessed and eventually towed to Elevsis Bay.

In 2002, the ship began to take on water, so authorities towed her to shallower waters and grounded her in a bid to stop the ship from sinking. Just a year later, she keeled over on her side, and this is how she remains to this day.

Mediterranean Sky abandoned.
Mediterranean Sky abandoned. Photo credit: Caters.

Russian photographer Andrey Rodionov used his drone to get these photos of the ship. He couldn't believe how close the Mediterranean Sky was to the shoreline. 

"When you drive along the sea, you can see the ship at once," he explained.

"I love abandoned places and ships and when I travel I always search the internet to see if there is something interesting there."

Her days of ferrying passengers from one tourist spot to another may be over, but now the Mediterranean Sky is a tourist attraction in its own right.