Dozens of Melbourne's famous trams for sale

Melbourne Tram.
The iconic green and gold of Melbourne's trams Photo credit: Sphere Agency.

The sight and sound of Melbourne's trams clacking their way around the inner suburbs of the city has become an icon of the city. Tourists often pose alongside and take a ride on the green and gold painted carriages.

Now, one of them could be yours. More than 134 of the trams are up for sale to the public. 

The city's transportation authority is encouraging those interested in owning a tram to reinvent them as cafes, retail stores and other tourist attractions.

The trams are so popular there's even a Facebook group dedicated to their history, with over 2,500 members.

A mock up of a Melbourne tram cafe conversion.
A mock up of a Melbourne tram cafe conversion. Photo credit: Sphere Agency.

An Australian media agency put together a proposal to turn the trams into a chain of café's around the city in 2016.

The Sphere Agency's founder Michael Abel, said it was important to retain the trams as they were a part of Melbourne's history.

"As a kid I loved spending the school holidays traveling the trams with my dad, who worked as a tram conductor. They hold a lot of special memories to me and when I saw how they were being left to rust away, I felt like I couldn't stand by and do nothing."

Expressions of interest to buy one of the trams can be made to Victrack until 6 July.