Fans of Hollywood history will love these accommodation options

  • 29/05/2018
Marilyn Monroe.
Stay where Marilyn stayed. Photo credit: Getty Images

For some of us, the idea of living or at least holidaying like a celebrity can be very attractive. 

Whether you want an Instagram selfie to rival the A-listers, or you're in love with pop culture history - here's a list of famous locations available on travel website,

Burton was also married to Elizabeth Taylor.
Burton was also married to Elizabeth Taylor. Photo credit: Getty Images/

Hacienda San Angel, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Located in Puerto Vallarta, Hacienda San Angel is described as an elegant boutique hotel with lush gardens and even an open-air wedding chapel.

The hotel's history is said to be filled with glamour and romance. Part of the property once belonged to Oscar-nominated actor Richard Burton, who purchased the main villa as a Valentine's Day gift for his wife, Suzy Miller.

Today, it offers guests modern accommodation, with suites overlooking Banderas Bay. The Hacienda San Angel invites guests to "enjoy this ancient and beautiful destination either by exploring the grounds that are rich with a storied past, or by following the legendary cobblestone streets of the town".

The infamous gates of Villa Casa Casuarina.
The infamous gates of Villa Casa Casuarina. Photo credit: Getty Images.

The Villa Casa Casuarina, Miami Beach, USA

Also known as the former Versace Mansion, the Villa Casa Casuarina was built in 1930 as an extravagant apartment building inspired by the Alcazar De Colin in Santo Domingo. Later, it was purchased by infamous Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace, after he fell in love with the building while on a family vacation to Miami Beach, and it's where he spent most of his time - until his life ended on the steps outside this Ocean Drive property. It's a luxurious villa with rooms and suites that are furnished with custom Italian marble. Customers can stay in one of the rooms that world-famous celebrities used to sleep in as Versace's guests and experience the 'charm' that this unique building has to offer. 

The Godfather of all properties.
The Godfather of all properties. Photo credit:

Palazzo Margherita, Bernalda, Italy

Built in 1892, Palazzo Margherita is located in the charming Italian town of Bernalda. The grandfather of Francis Ford Coppola, the director of The Godfather trilogy, was born there. In 2004, the famous American director purchased the property with a dream to transform it into a luxurious, authentically Italian boutique hotel. Today, guests can book one of the lavish rooms and relax in the pristine swimming pool, courtyard or gardens, which are protected by the Italian Cultural Heritage Department. 

Every James Bond book was written here.
Every James Bond book was written here. Photo credit: Getty Images/

GoldenEye, Oracabessa, Jamaica

Located in the middle of an impressive garden, GoldenEye features private beaches, hidden coves and a saltwater lagoon. This tropical property was a retreat for James Bond author, Ian Fleming. All 14 James Bond novels were written there, making it essentially the birthplace of 007. It features a selection of villas, beach huts and cottages, with what could be described as amazing views to kill of the lagoon. Book a room and, who knows, maybe you'll also be inspired to write your own bestseller.

Stay here if you're ready for your close-up.
Stay here if you're ready for your close-up. Photo credit: Getty Images/

The Charlie West Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

Built in 1924, this hotel was once home to world famous actor, filmmaker and composer Charlie Chaplin. No, its not the one that fell down around him in that famous historical scene. The Charlie West is centrally located in West Hollywood. This home away from home has hosted many famous movie stars throughout the years, including Marilyn Monroe, Gloria Swanson and Bette Davis. It's described as a hidden gem and features individually styled suites named after Hollywood stars, spacious living rooms and private patios. If you're ready for your close-up, this is the hotel for you.

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