Five reasons why Harry and Meghan should honeymoon in Namibia

The deep Fish River Canyon.
The deep Fish River Canyon. Photo credit: Getty

Explorers have called it "the land God made in anger"; a stretch of land named the Skeleton Coast.

The beaches here are home to whale skeletons and the wreckage of old ships which never made it any further than this raw stretch of coastline.

It doesn't sound that inviting, does it? Despite this, it's also home to what will be one of the most exclusive resorts in Africa.

The rooms at Shipwreck Lodge have been designed to resemble the rusting ships that surround it, and it's here in the remote sand dunes that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may reportedly be spending their honeymoon.

Shipwreck Lodge.
Lodges designed to look like shipwrecks. Photo credit: Shipwreck Lodge

So what else could the newly married royals get up to in Namibia?

Fish River Canyon

This is the world's second largest canyon, and the largest in Africa. It's as deep as 550m and is 160km long.

If canyons are really your thing, then you can do a five day, 90km walk. Be warned, however, there are no bathrooms on the trail, and there's absolutely no cellphone coverage. So even if London's calling, it won't get through to Harry or Meghan.

Dune 45.
Dune 45 is more challenging than it looks. Photo credit: Getty

Dune 45

It may sound like a video game, but this 80m high sand dune is the most popular in Namibia. It may look small, but halfway up your calves will be in agony and you'll be wishing a horse from the Queen's Guard was nearby to help you make it to the top.

Cheetah and woman.
You can't get much closer than this. Photo credit: Getty

Rescue a cheetah   

At the Namibia Cheetah Farm you can not only see cheetahs, but you can also interact with them. Namibia has the largest cheetah population in the world. There's the Cheetah Eco-Lodge as well, which offers a 'cheetah run' - given their speed, you'll need to have a vehicle to keep up with them. 

The stars above Namibia.
One of the best places to see the stars. Photo credit: Getty

Stars in your Eyes

With very little moisture in the air above Namibia, the stars shine bright. The worldwide authority on light pollution and stargazing, the International Dark Sky Association, has listed it as one of the best places to look skyward in the whole world.

The best place to see the stars is at Sossusvlei, a six hour drive from the nearest small town. Something tells me this is the ideal place for the newest royal couple to spend a romantic evening alone.

The abandoned town of Kolmanskop.
The abandoned town of Kolmanskop. Photo credit: Getty

Ghost Trip

Just up the road from the middle of nowhere are the remains of an old town called Kolmanskop.

Over a century ago, this town was pumping out so many diamonds that Meghan could have a new ring every day of the year. 

Back then the town was booming. There were shops, luxurious houses and, of course, people. 

Now, all that remains are the dusty shells of the buildings that its long-gone population used to live and work in. 

There's also a railway that cuts through the town, although it's been decades since there were any trains passing by.

This place truly is a ghost town.