Footage reveals appalling treatment of luggage by airport staff

Baggage handler throwing luggage.
This is not what you want to see before boarding a flight. Photo credit: Marsh

Video posted online by an Australian reporter may have you reaching for the bubble wrap next time you're packing your suitcase.

Vanessa Marsh recorded the footage this month at Honolulu Airport, which shows a baggage handler throwing suitcases down a chute, all in clear view of passengers in the departure lounge.

The video has been seen over 300,000 times and has forced Hawaiian Airlines to release a statement about the incident.

The company calls the actions "unacceptable" and insists it's "addressing the situation."

It's not known what condition the suitcases and their contents were in when they reached their destinations.

The cost of damaged luggage or its contents can be covered by the airline, or travel insurance.

Advice from Consumer NZ suggests contacting your airline as soon as possible if your luggage is damaged. By law, you must contact them within seven days of receiving you suitcase.

Domestically, the airline can be liable for up to $2000 worth of lost or damaged luggage.

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