Plane passenger deploys emergency slide because it was 'too stuffy'

A plane emergency slide.
A plane emergency slide. Photo credit: Getty

A Chinese low-cost airline traveller has found himself in trouble after opening a plane's door and deploying its emergency slide because he found the cabin "too stuffy and too hot".

The unnamed 25-year-old, known only by his surname of Chen, opened the door shortly after the Lucky Air flight landed at Nanjiao Airport in Mianyang City, China on April 27.

He's now been detained for 15 days, and the airline has implied it will be seeking compensation from him as its slide has possibly suffered damage.

The slide deployed automatically when Chen opened the door, but he claims he had no idea it was the aircraft's cabin door - and just needed some fresh air.

When questioned by local police he explained he'd "waited in the aisle for 10 minutes as passengers left the plane" and the cabin was "too stuffy and too hot".

According to Chen, he "lifted the latch next to the window" and "the door just fell off".

Mianyang City's civil aviation administration said the deployment caused significant delays and equipment expenses costing more than 100,000 Chinese Yuan (NZ$22,364).