Survey reveals what people hate about their fellow passengers

Passenger climbing over another passenger.
Know this feeling? Photo credit: Getty Images.

We all have one. A story about someone we've sat next to on an airplane that has done something that defies all rules of personal space or self-awareness.

A new survey by travel website Expedia has revelled what annoys us most about fellow travellers.

The Seat Kicker/Bumper/Grabber (51%)

Child kicking airplane chair.
Sure, I don't mind you kicking my chair. Photo credit: Getty Images.

It's often a child or someone being overly keen on pushing "Watch Now" on a touch screen television, but this is by far the most annoying thing anyone could do to you when you're travelling.

The Aromatic Passenger (43%)

We're not talking someone who is wearing a bit too much of Chanel No. 5 here (although sometimes a bit too much fragrance can be annoying as well), we are talking about those who have for some reason decided not to shower within 24 hours of sitting in the same clothes on a 10-hour flight.

Inattentive Parents (39%)

"Sure just let them scream and yell" - I know it's not fair on the parents to complain about a child's behaviour, but your fellow passengers don't always have that ability parental ability to tune out the sounds of a crying or screaming child.

Personal Space Violators (34%)

Person sleeping on plane passenger.
My name is not Pillow. Photo credit: Getty Images.

No you don't get both arm rests okay? One each. Also if you are going to fall asleep, don't slowly lean towards me as though I'm a pillow.

Queue Jumper (18%)

"Excuse me, I'm on this flight" There's always one who appears unaware that we are all queuing for the same flight, or even worse waiting to get off the same flight. As you stand in your row waiting for your turn to join the ant-like procession of passengers disembarking from the airplane, it can feel worse than trying to merge with traffic on a motorway. 

Pungent Foodies (14%)

Person eating a raw fish.
Maybe stick to the chicken or the beef. Photo credit: Getty Images.

I'd personally add loud foodies to this as well. There's no fresh air on an airplane, so what you eat can be smelt by everyone.

Armrest Hog (13%)

See 'Personal Space Violators' and take note that this essentially made it to the list twice.

Some results in the Expedia survey specific to New Zealand show the importance of seat allocation for us Kiwis.

The majority of people voted for a seat in the aisle or window (98%). 

If you're stuck in the middle seat and need to go to the bathroom, this is how people said they dealt with the matter. 

30% wake them up and ask them to get up

32% climb over them, with their back facing them

27% stay in their seat waiting until the aisle seat wakes up

12% climb over them, facing them.

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